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Wilder Homestead near Malone

The NYS Zoo at Thompson Park near Watertown

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Hudson River Ice Meadows

Central Adirondack Trail, State Rt. 28, near The Glen in Warren County

The Ice Meadows are located south of The Glen, a few miles above Warrensburg.

In the Winter of 2004’s cold weather, the ice came near to being 15 feet thick. In warmer seasons, one can find eight rare plant species: whip nutrush, sand cherry, brown bog sedge, Clinton’s club rush, New England violet, spurred gentian, sticky false asphodel, and dwarf raspberry. These plants reside on about 115 acres that make up the Riverside Ice Meadows, one of the few natural grasslands in the state. The open fields, because they are such a narrow strip, actually run for 16 miles along the upper Hudson shoreline. They remain open because, according to the Nature Conservancy, the scouring of the shoreline each spring by melting ice keeps the meadows pretty much free of woody plants which would easily take over if it were not for the action of the ice and water. Riverside ice meadows occur along rivers where floating pieces of ice are pushed up into the shore during the winter, forming an ice pack that remains into spring. The ice scours the meadow and often removes woody species. This natural disturbance keeps woody species from taking over the area and promotes the growth of herbaceous plants. In spring the ice melts and creates a cool microclimate, shortening the growing season. The ice pack also deposits organic matter that has accumulated in the ice during the winter.

To get to the trailhead, drive through Warrensburg and make a left at Floyd Bennett Park. This puts you on Golf Course Road. The Warren County Nature Trails are 2.5 miles farther on the left. There is a large trail map near the parking area. For an informative leaflet on the Riverside Ice Meadows, contact the Adirondack Nature Conservancy.

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Closest Community:

The Glen

Closest Byway:Central Adirondack Trail
Distance from Byway:on
Closest Route #:State Rt. 28
Indoors or Outdoors:outdoor
Admission Fee:no
URL:Hudson River Ice Meadows website



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